We are the
National Fans Union.

Sports fans are powerless as individuals.

Every day, decisions are made that negatively affect the fan experience while billionaire team owners bicker with players over how to divide a massive financial pie.

But whose pie is it really?

In fact, it's our pie - the fan's pie - down to the last slice. Because without us, there is no pie. Yet, we fans lack a collective voice. Ticket prices are skyrocketing, a family day at the park costs as much as a home theater, and owners regularly squeeze tax subsidies from cities that lack the money to ensure clean water or good schools.

The NFU provides a forum for fans to debate, vote, and coalesce on critical issues facing sports. Then, with a strong collective voice, we will take our rightful seat at the table in the service of championing and defending the fan experience.

It's time to come together, to leverage our strength, and speak in unison — to have a say in this enterprise built on us. The fans' voices must be heard outside the stadium.

Together, we are the most powerful organization in all of sports.

We are the National Fans Union. And we need you. It's time to be more than a spectator.

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